About Quick Casting

Studio and street casting, from a new perspective.

Quick Casting is a casting production company, working in the Portuguese and international markets since 2001. Its headquarters are located in Lisbon but it has gradually been extending its area of action, creating partnerships in Barcelona, Madrid, London and Milan.


In its facilities, Quick Casting has two indoor studios and multiple décors in the outside, where not only it broadens its database, but also receives its usual models for new castings.


Want to take part in commercials or movies? Quick Casting regularly conducts street castings and scouting, contributing with new faces to increase its database.

Quick Casting Team

Filipe Canto e Castro

"The Boss"

Casting Director since 2001. Entrepreneur, visionary and solidary. Likes to travel and to photograph. Divides his time between Quick and Associação 1%, a solidary project he founded in 2016. He has a clinical eye to identify good faces for advertising. Maybe it has something to do with him being almost 2m tall... He has a more clear and comprehensive view of what surrounds him!

Filipa Oliveira


Producer since 2003. There is no corner of this house that she doesn’t know. There are many doubts that she has only two arms… She has been seen editing a casting, replying to emails, making a budget, all while receiving phone calls for casting appointments. In her free time she likes to go for a walk, but to far away places and by airplane.



Besides it’s normal team, Quick also has a go-to team of freelancers - competent and recognized professionals, specialized in several areas (editing, directing, coaching, make-up, casting direction, etc...).

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Please fill out this form to start the process of becoming a supporting artist with Quick Casting. To work with us it is essential that you have access to e-mail and your own mobile phone.


Send us a portrait photo of your face when smiling. Show a natural, relaxed, and confident smile, you got this!


Send us a portrait photo of your neutral face. Use a clean display, with very little makeup (or none!).


Send us a photo showing your entire body. If possible, use a clean background and a good lighting environment.

Note: The information submitted in this form will be handled confidentially by Quick Casting. If you wish to be removed from Quick Casting records, please contact us.

How to contact us?

Mobile: (+351) 963 552 582 | (+351) 919 137 461   Phone: (+351) 217 787 111   e-mail: geral@quickcasting.pt
Address: Quick Casting, Sítio Barcal nº 2, 1500-554, Lisboa, Portugal